Is your organization grappling with an obstacle that just won’t go away? A barrier to movement and success? It doesn’t matter if your issue is financial, organizational or human-based; the fact is, you’re stuck.

Organizations frequently recognize the need for third-party intervention or mediation.  The examination or discussion of a critical operational or management issue may require objective, unbiased intervention or mediation.  An extensive organizational assessment or strategic management planning process may well be the right way to go, but it can be expensive, disruptive, and time intensive.


An alternative to a detailed organizational assessment is an internal process facilitated by experienced professionals.  We offer a one-day, intensive strategic management planning workshop to help your team get past your obstacles and move on with renewed confidence and vision.  KRW Associates are experienced facilitators skilled in designing and leading a wide variety of organizational meetings and problem-solving sessions.  Whether it’s strategic planning, priority-setting, team-building, performance improvement or program evaluation, KRW Associates can plan and facilitate a process tailored to your organization’s needs.

KRW Associates can contribute by helping your organization:

•  Assess your your internal audit organization structure needs and create plans to meet them
•  Design a process with the right people involved
•  Identify and understand the process in order to work more effectively
•  Define overall goals and specific objectives
•  Provide a process to help members use their time efficiently with specific, high-quality decisions
•  Guide group discussion to keep them focused and productive
•  Keep an accurate record of the discussion that reflects the ideas and outcomes

Contact us to discuss how KRW Associates can help your management team or operating division get past whatever is holding you back.  It’s time for action and progress.  We built our careers on those very accomplishments.