Why choose KRW Associates for executive search services?

interviewKRW has decades of public sector executive experience and years of successful government executive search and consulting knowledge and familiarity. As former public sector executives responsible for municipal budgets, we understand the reality of costly executive searches.

KRW Associates has developed a process that can be tailored to the search criteria and needs of clients which is much more affordable and reliable than other national public sector executive search firms.  Please see our Client List and Testimonials page to find out what our clients are saying about us.


One or more of the principals of KRW are directly involved in all aspects of every executive search or consulting project.  KRW does not delegate its executive job search projects to staff members at a corporate office, or to lesser qualified consultants.

Having been successful executive practitioners, along with years of hiring experience, Lorne Kramer and Jerry Williams offer an extensive network of qualified candidates.  In addition, they know who to call, and who to recruit, for an open position.

KRW_recruit_imageKRW uses a tiered ranking process to present all executive job search candidates to the appointing authority.  Unlike many firms, who merely arrive with eight or ten candidate names, KRW uses a methodology which allows the City Council, Board, County Commission, Executive Director or City Manager to efficiently review all interested candidates.  The top candidates are presented in such a way as to facilitate the choice of top candidates by the appointing authority.

KRW’s consultants understand the job, the public sector, and the needs of the appointing authority and the community.  They have been there, on both sides of the table.  They are assisting organizations as government executive search and consulting experts after completing a successful career, not in lieu of one.  KRW’s consultants provide a track record of success.  At least 90% of placements are either still in place, or have a tenure of five years.